About Us

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to get to know us. The Taste Peddler was founded in a home-based kitchen, by a ‘mostly’ vegetarian cook with an unhealthy obsession with food! Sound familiar? Well then you will know that it all started with a batch of chilli crisp…

The addiction to chilli is both a homage and reminder of the many dining experiences I had backpacking and teaching English in Taiwan. Every night, dinner would involve a visit to a local noodle shop with lashings of crispy chilli oil. No matter the meal, you could always lift it with chilli oil.

Years later, after supplying endless jars of chilli crisp to friends, the idea of the Taste Peddler was born. At the Taste Peddler, our goal is to create products that elevate the simplest of meals. We’re not afraid of big flavours or influences from around the world! Most importantly though, we want to give home chefs the means to quickly and effortlessly add layers of flavour to meals.

We’re a small business in a world of big corporations. We take great pride in making our products from scratch. Our products are both hand made and labelled. What’s more, we carefully choose our ingredients. Why? Well it’s simple, we eat our products too! From a sustainability perspective we try to minimise our waste and utilise packaging that’s recyclable….

Our first product is the Taste Peddler Chilli Crisp with Cashew. It’s 100% our interpretation of a chilli oil. We like to think that we’ve stayed true to it’s fundamentals. There’s spice and there’s umami. You will find crispy chewy bits and big crunchy bits of luxurious cashews. We really hope you love it as much as we do!